Trailing African Violets

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Ajohn's Raquel - $9.99

Description Pending.


Always Pink - $9.99

Single pink. Plain foliage. Miniature trailer.

AVSA Reg. #3864


Broadway Star Trail - $10.99

White semidouble blooms with lavender eyes. Semiminiature, medium green, pointed foliage. Profuse bloomer and grower.


Carolina Bodacious - $11.99

NEW Listing

Single pink sticktite star with purple fantasy. Medium green, plain, pointed with red backed foliage. Semiminiature trailer.

AVSA Reg. #11364


Carolina Jubilation - $9.99

Description Pending. (blue)


Cascadia Blues Trail - $10.99

Description Pending. (blue)

(B. Price)

plant photo

Champagne Pink - $9.99

An outstanding variegated trailer with foliage draped in shades of green, cream and pink. Double, pansy shaped, flowers of soft pink, are produced freely and compliment this lovely variety.

AVSA Reg. #7945


plant photo

Champagne Pink Sport - $9.99

As the name states, this is a sport of one of our most popular trailing varieties. This plant is also a variegate; boasting a lighter leaf with ivory and light green concentrated mostly on the leaf edge. The flowers are small, white, double pansies.


Chantaspring - $12.99

Very unique! Single, yellow, bell-shaped little flowers, bloom in clusters above medium green, pointed foliage. This miniature trailer makes a great little show plant!

(R. Hair)

Cirelda - $10.99

Medium pink rosette flowers grow abundantly on this compact growing variety with good trailing habits.

AVSA Reg. #3620


Enchanting Waterfall - $11.99

Light pink, single and semidouble pansy, is splashed abundantly with streaks and splashes of blue fantasy. Medium green, standard, trailing foliage.


plant photo

Fancy Trail - $9.99

Single and semidouble pink pansies on this standard trailing variety. Beautiful Champion variegation. Makes a beautiful hanging basket!

AVSA Reg. #3674


Flashy Trail - $11.99

Single, lavender, small bell shaped flower with purple fantasy. Dark green foliage. Miniature trailer.


Gene's Blue Ice - $9.99

Semidouble to double blue and white large blue edge. Variegated medium green and white, ovate, quilted, glossy.

AVSA Reg. #7427


Jersey Girl Trail - $9.99

Cute! Single to semidouble fuchsia pansy. Medium green girl foliage. Constant bloomer! Miniature.

AVSA Reg. #10374


Jersey Rose Trail - $9.99

Semidouble fuchsia pansy. Medium green, plain, pointed. Semiminiature.

AVSA Reg. #10377


Jersey Starlight Trail - $9.99

Semidouble white pansy with a pink eye. Crown variegated, medium green and cream, quilted foliage. Semiminiature.

AVSA Reg. #10671


Jet Trail - $9.99

Double medium blue star. Semiminiature trailer.


Kentucky Rambler - $10.99

Double light pink/wine with fantasy. Variegated with green and white. Semiminiature trailer.


Pink Mint - $9.99

Double, light pink star with variable green tinge, and green tips. Medium green, semi-trailing. Semiminiature.


plant photo

Pixie Blue - $11.99

We're bringing back a semiminiature variety that was an old favorite. Single, small, purple/blue pansies with a darker eye. Blooms in large numbers, reaching high above medium green, trailing foliage. (Vintage)

AVSA Reg. #2598


Pixie Pink - $10.99

Single light pink with a rose eye. Plain, ovate foliage. Miniature trailer.

AVSA Reg. #2599


plant photo

Pixie Run Around - $11.99

(Limited availability)

Tiny, white and blue, single, bell shaped flowers are freely produced on very miniature, trailing, medium green and white variegated foliage. A cutie that will really perform!


plant photo

Ramblin' Moonbeam - $10.99

This semiminiature trailer will always delight you with a flawless display of white, semidouble and double stars, as pure as the snow. The medium green foliage grows compact with nice trailing habits.

AVSA Reg. #7327


Ramblin' Right Along - $10.99

Double light pink with a darker eye. Variegated green and pink. Standard trailer.


Ramblin' Show Stopper - $9.99

Double pink large. Variegated.


Rob's Boolaroo - $11.99

Semidouble light pink sticktite pansy/bright blue fantasy. Medium green, quilted. Semiminiature trailer. Excellent for Show!

AVSA Reg. #8053


Rob's Jindalee - $10.99

Double, medium to dark blue sticktite pansy with variable white mottled tips. Medium green, pointed, serrated. Semiminiature trailer.

AVSA Reg. #8176


plant photo

Rolling Dark Waters - $9.99

A dainty, dark blue, pansy flower, much resembling the "old fashioned" violet. A great bloomer, with good trailing habits. Semiminiature trailer.

AVSA Reg. #9191


Rolling Pink Cloudburst - $9.99

Single to semidouble pink pansy flowers. Medium green, pointed and quilted foliage.

AVSA Reg. #9192


Saratoga Trail - $10.99

Single purple and blue fantasy. Plain. semiminiature trailer (Western)

AVSA Reg. #6429


S. clone grotei Silvert - $10.99

Clone of S. ionanthus subspecies grotei. Blue flower. Saintpaulia species. (S 5b)


S. clone orbicularis - $11.99

NEW Listing

Clone of S. ionanthus subspecies orbicularis. Light blue pansy flower with a darker blue eye. Saintpaulia species (S 5f)


Sunrise Waltz - $11.99

Double red pansy. Crown variegated medium green and yellow, plain, ovate. Standard trailer.

AVSA Reg. #7995


Teeny Bopper - $11.99

Single purple, bell shaped flower. Pointed, tiny. Miniature trailer. This little cutie comes shipped in a 1½" pot! (vintage)

AVSA Reg. #5017


Tiny Moon Goddess - $10.99

Description Pending. (Blue)


Trail Along - $9.99

Double, bright pink flower. Plain foliage. Miniature.


Travelin' Man - $10.99

Semidouble to double fuchsia star. Medium green, pointed. Standard. (Western)

AVSA Reg. #8080


Vallarta Campanas Morades - $11.99

Single dark purple bell. Dark green with red backed foliage. Miniature.