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~~~ EPISCIAS ~~~

Episcias are commonly called "flame violets," and are primarily grown for their beautiful foliage. Flower colors range from shades of red and red-orange, to pink, lavender, and even yellow. Quick growth and continuous blooms will be easily achieved with 14 hours of fluorescent light daily or by placing plants in a very bright window. The foliage color will vary according to the light intensity. Episcias are warm loving plants, detesting cold air drafts and over watering. Let soil become slightly dry between waterings. Use a light porous potting mix. Feed plants regularly, using a well balanced fertilizer, at 1/4 tsp. per gallon of water, with every watering. Fertilizer may be increased to 1/2 tsp. per gallon of water during spring and summer, when plants are actively growing. 

Note: Because of the extreme sensitivity of Episcias to cold temperatures, no Episcias will be shipped after October 15th of each season! Shipments made after this date are NOT guaranteed!

Alfred Sharpe - $6.50

Light green webbing decorates shiny brown, fuzzy foliage. Meduim sized leaves show off red-orange blossoms. This variety produces lots of stolons!

Alice's Outback - $6.50

Rose and green/brown edges are accented by light, silvery green centers in each leaf. A dark green/brown edge outlines each leaf. Foliage is accompanied by red-orange flowers.

fimbriata 'Blue Heaven' - $7.50

Unique! Lime-green fuzzy leaves are topped with blue and white blossoms. This variety blooms refreshingly different from the traditional red-orange blooms we normally associate with episcias.

Butternut - $6.50

Pebbled, medium green leaves, are adorned with rose and brown highlights. The blooms are red-orange, which creates a striking contast to the foliage.

Chocolate Cream - $6.50

Silvery brown, medium size foliage has metallic rose pink netting and traditional red-orange flowers. An outstanding compact grower, that produces a multitude of runners, freely.

Chocolate Velour - $6.50

Velvety chocolate leaves are touched with a stunning rose color in the mid rib area. Lilac-blue flowers, are a striking contrast to the leaves.

Chocolate Warrior - $6.50

Very dark green leaves, with mint green coloring in the mid-rib area flowing out into the secondary veins. Traditional red-orange flowers on medium to large sized foliage, that produces stolens very freely!

Coco - $6.50

Dark, metallic rose foliage bearing silver veins and blushing, is surrounded in heavy bands of dark, black-brown. A slightly smaller, more compact growing variety that really puts on a show with its' wonderful leaf color and growth habit. Traditional red-orange flowers.

Country Kitten - $6.50

Fuzzy, chocolate colored leaves, with pink and silver veining throughout the leaf surface. A very fast grower that produces many stolens. Red-orange flowers.


Ember Lace - $10.50

Different and unusual. Constantly changing foliage of pink, green and white. All this and topped off with a lovely pink flower. This variety will amaze you with it's kaleidescope of colors!

Faded Jade - $6.50

Superior, light green foliage is accented with iridescent silver veining and bright red flowers. A magnificent grower!


Fanny Haague - $6.50

Large, lavender-blue flowers are lovely against black and green foliage. The center of each leaf is patterned with contrasting light green that is beautifully different, producing runners freely.

Flamingo - $6.50

Medium pink, tubular flowers are very showy against a backdrop of light brown, pebbly foliage. This variety is compact growing.

Jim's Canadian Sunset - $6.50

Misty brown leaves are decorated with silver green spines. The blossoms of this variety are beautiful! Large pink blooms are covered in spots of darker pink, with a deep golden yellow throat, partially spilling out onto the flower. A fast growing variety, producing many stolons.


Jim's Dancing Doll - $7.50

Silver-gray leaves with touches of soft rose-gray. Fringed, red-orange blooms with a small yellow throat. Lovely variety!


Jim's Daphne's Choice - $7.50

Medium green, pebbled leaves with silvery-green centers. Yellow blooms stand out vividly against the foliage.


Jim's Golden Eagle - $6.50

Chocolate colored leaves with silvery-pink veining. Red-orange flowers. Strong grower!


Jim's Lemon Zest - $7.50

Light, silvery-green leaves, with slightly darker green coloring near the leaf edges. Leaf veining is more green. Red-orange blooms contrast nicely against the foliage.


Jim's Rose Garden - $6.50

Chocolate-brown, quilted leaves, with a broad silver-green midrib. The veining adds a rose-pink coloring as it reaches the leaf edges. Bright, red-orange blooms.


Kee Wee - $6.50

A magnificently vigorous growing variety that is a proven show winner. Brownish green foliage that is quite large, is embroidered with shimmering red-rose veining and garnished with bright red flowers.

La Solidad Bronze - $6.50

Soft, dark green/bronze leaves are contrasted by a dotted center stripe of lime green and white. This is a very showy variety with red-orange blooms and dark pink in the center of each stolon.

Metallica - $6.50

This beauty sports a wide center of mettalic green which is surrounded by touches of dark green to brown. Traditional red-orange blooms decorate this unusual foliage. Fast growing and produces lots of stolons!

My Precious - $7.50

Absolutely Gorgeous! Foliage similar to "Faded Jade", medium green leaves with silver veining. But this version comes with yellow flowers. Fast growing and produces tons of stolons!

Pink Acajou - $6.50

Medium size silvery-green leaves are stitched in blackish-green and randomly splashed with iridescent hot pink. Topped with red-orange flowers, and yellow throats.

Pink Panther - $6.50

Large, easy to bloom, rose pink flowers contrast beautifully with bronze green leaves. The center of each leaf is painted a lighter green. This variety is an outstanding compact grower.

Raspberry Blush - $6.50

Iridescent, large growing, silvery leaves are bordered in dark, chocolate-brown and blushed raspberry in the centers with traditional red-orange flowers.

Sea Foam - $6.50

Very light, silvery green designs are edged and blushed in rose, then in dark, blackish-brown, on large growing foliage. Blossoms are red-orange in color.

Showtime - $7.50

Medium size leaves of silvery green are accented in vivid raspberry and dark bronze green. Flowers are of bright orange, usually with one or more dark yellow petals.


Silver Dust - $6.50

Dark green leaves heavily patterened with silver. Very cute, and compact growing, with red-orange flowers.

Silver Skies - $7.50

Silvery-green leaves with darker, olive green borders. Miniature foliage. Red blooms. CUTE!


Spearmint - $6.50

Wonderful performer! Silver accents upon light green leaves are stunning with red-orange flowers.


Star of Bethlehem - $7.50

Magnificent cream color flowers are striped in a dusty rose pink, and are displayed on a bed of deep, chocolate brown foliage. You can't help but want this one to brighten up your collection. Compact grower.

Limited Supply!

Strawberry Patch - $6.50

Beautiful rosy pink foliage is accented with a silvery green center, and edge stitched in greenish brown. Flowers are a deep red-orange. Occaisonlly exhibits some yellow on the lower petals. This variety has proven itself many times over!


Suomi - $7.50

Fantastic variety! Very dark green leaves, with mint green coloring in the mid-rib area. Flowers are deep yellow with a golden ring of color around the eye. A "must have" for all collectors!

Tropical Topaz - $7.50

Stunning yellow tubular flowers are produced on medium green, pebbly foliage. This unusual variety will compliment your collection.


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